Dear Kiddies,

RMS is over. Just kidding, but not really. It’s over for us, but not for you all, and for several of you, your adventure with this group is just starting. Write music, take photos, and be vain when you post them…because guess what? You’re amazing and you wouldn’t be here if we thought otherwise. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs, and yeah lost some people along the way, but at the end of the day, we’re still a family. We’re a rag-tag weird group of people, but a family nonetheless. We may not be there with you next year, but I sure hope we won’t be forgotten, as we definitely will remember all of you. So I leave you on this note from the Class of 2015: this group belongs to you now. Make it yours. Take ownership and carry on a legacy that will make us proud.

Sincerely yours...
— Alex Lumain
Our time together in RMS is finally over. I won’t be nagging or driving anybody around Grounds anymore, but the group that brought us together will keep us connected. I know that when we first started, it was weird. Yeah, Old Cabell Hall practices on a Friday at 5pm weren’t exactly ideal, but we made it work somehow. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you guys dedicated your time and effort to help us make this something great - seeing how far we’ve come since the very start is the testament to all of the work we’ve put into this. Be proud of Radio Music Society because, now it is your turn to shape it. Like we said before, it is the end of the very first chapter but the bright and successful beginning of the next.
— Chris Lumain
To Alex Lumain, Chris Lumain, and Brendan Rijke: thank you for four years of great music and friendship. I will always cherish the memories of playing with you in the Humphreys basement First Year. I could have never imagined then that RMS would be what it is now. I am proud of and thankful for what we accomplished.

To the eight individuals who successfully auditioned for the inaugural group in January 2013 (you know who you are): thank you for taking a chance on Alex, Chris, Brendan, and me. Without your enthusiasm and patience, RMS would have ended just as quickly as it had started.

To all those who joined the RMS family in or after Fall 2013: thank you for bringing new ideas, passion, and talent to the ensemble.

To all the current members who will be back next year, and to all the future violists, cellists, and violinists: have fun and encourage collaboration in writing music, organizing concerts, etc. I firmly believe that the success of the group will be directly proportional to the amount of input that every member has.

Radio Music Society at the University of Virginia, it has been an honor and a privilege to make and share music with you. I loved getting to show UVA that there is more to music than a cappella and more to strings than Bach and Beethoven.
— Alyssa D'Angelo
Don’t be afraid to try something new! Thanks for the memories RMS <3
— Stephanie Ham

Caroline Cook (-2019), violin

Katie Poore (-2019), violin

Ashwanth Samuel (-2019), violin

Maddie Conroy (2015-2019), viola

Stephanie Ham (2015-2019), violin

Libbie Hamner (2014-2018), violin

Josh Thomas (2014-2018), cello

Nicole Moon (2014-2018), cello

Yatian Li (2017-2018), violin

Christopher Lumain (2012 - 2015), violin

Alexander Lumain (2012 - 2015), violin

Brendan Rijke (2012 - 2015), cello

Alyssa D'Angelo (2012 - 2015), viola

Diane Kamien (2013 - 2015), violin

Robert Stein (2013 - Mar. 2015), viola

Katherine Zimmerman (2013 - 2015), violin

Katherine Lewis (2013), cello

Jonathan Torre (2012-2014), viola